Jie Ren 任杰


I have taught all my dancing skills to this Koala.

About Me

I am a fresh-year Ph.D. student of Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Michigan State University, advised by Professor Jiliang Tang in Data Science and Engineering Lab. Before joining DSE, I was an algorithm engineer in Search Strategy Department, Baidu Inc. I got my bachelor degree from Tsinghua University where I spent my wonderful and unforgettable four years.

My research interests include adversial attacks and defenses, the safety and robustness of deep learning. Now I am working on the robustness of self-supervised learning.

My email address is renjie3 at msu.edu.



I put my friends’ links here since I don’t have publications yet. I will try to remove them soon!
Yunhao Chen and Jiang Liu were my roommates during undergraduate.
Jiayuan Ding and Haoyu Han are my current roommates.
Possibly, Yuxuan Wan will be my roommate next summer.

PhD is short for People have Dreams.